Business, Commercial & Government Recycling Services

If your equipment is obsolete, our E-waste collection and recycling program may be the best choice for you. ERS provides and manages the services needed from removal to recycle. In most instances, the value of your recycled materials covers the cost of our services, making the net cost of removal to your company zero.

Here is what our business, commercial and government services include:

E-Waste Collection, Recycling & Hard Drive Destruction

  • Free pick-up and collection of e-waste from your business location
  • On-site destruction of computer or server hard drives, tapes or other media with Certificate of Destruction
  • Asset tag recording and reporting

ITAD Solutions

IT assets disposal of equipment that is at the end of their life is not just a good tool for businesses, but an opportunity to recover some value through our IT Asset Disposition¬†process. ERS’ team evaluates your assets based on criteria such as year, make, model and condition. Next, ERS uses the our industry best resale platform to market your equipment for the best value.