What Is Electronic Waste?

In the early days of electronics, it was common for items like televisions and radios to be used in the home for a decade or more. If and when they eventually failed to operate properly, they were often repaired and used for many years afterward.

E-Waste Management in Sacramento, CAToday’s technology has sparked an electronics industry that has expanded exponentially. The speed of product development has increased to the point that many electronic products are rendered obsolete in just 12-18 months. At the current levels of production and with a shorter life span, these devices have created a new breed of toxic trash, sometimes referred to as e-waste. Wikipedia defines e-waste this way, “The term e-waste is applied to all waste from or caused by electronics, which is often toxic waste. It is a major concern with respect to wireless technology and computers, which are readily discarded due to rapid technological change, low initial cost and planned obsolescence. Various less rapid obsolescence are applied.”

Items that fall into the category of e-waste include computers, monitors, televisions, pagers, cell phones, stereos, printers, keyboards, mice, speakers, radios, projection equipment, palm pilots, MP3 players, scanners, fax machines, video game consoles, video games, telephones, CD players, VCRs, internet devices, and other similar products.